The protests are peaceful. The police are violent. The system has always been broken and should have been fixed a long time ago. Black Lives Matter. It is time to take major steps towards defunding the police and eliminating systemic racism. I recognize my privilege as a white, cis woman, and I must consider every day how I can use that privilege to help those without the same head start, and I must use my voice to show support towards major political change, especially as an artist.
Actor: Miles Agee - thank you Miles for your help and continued support and activism.



Inspired by real experiences, this  piece is about vulnerability and abuse turned into strength and new found agency. The video attempts to capture the essence of sexual mistreatment and sexual freedom.


To Be

What does it mean to be truly present? It seems like most of us have forgotten that that feeling is like.


Self Mixture

This work explores identity and sexual fluidity.


Self Censorship

This performance is about internal conflict and self loathing.


Masking Tape

This video explores the social expectations of masculinity.


Social Chains

This performance deals with the restrictiveness of social anxiety. 


Self Destruction & Reconstruction

This is a self portrait and performance piece about the act of tearing apart and rebuilding the ego.